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Please join me in celebrating the First Choice Award for my upcoming book with the working title Just Listen for the Thud: The Power of Humor in Caregiving. The agent to whom I presented my manuscript at the San Diego Writers’ Conference nominated me for this award. My hope is that the lives of care receivers and their family caregivers will soar in quality once they read this book. As my friend Lynne said, “Laughter is part of the solace.”

Just Listen for the Thud is a collection of narratives in which the how-to of caregiving is embedded. But the real story lies in the intimacy that develops in the caregiving relationship, in acceptance of what is, and in the endurance of commitment. Most importantly, it’s about what the caregivers I interviewed described as the monumental lesson of their lives: “If we don’t laugh, we’ll never get through this.”

No victims, they.

Baby Boomers, this is for us.

I’ll keep you posted on this long publishing process.


San Diego Writers' Conference 2015 First Choice Award

San Diego Writers’ Conference 2015 First Choice Award

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Maggie McCann Pike

I’m an author in Denver, Colorado, where I write from my office, which looks out onto the Rocky Mountains and the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets that splash their colors across unsuspecting skies. My first three books sprang from my experience as mom of five, retreat director, and educator. Now retired from full-time work outside the home, I have the luxury of tapping into different chambers within myself. In addition to memoirs, I now write various forms of creative nonfiction.

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